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Push-up Rings Accessory

Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5Don From Cape CodFebruary 17, 2014Great new addition to the pull-up bar and dip station I previously ordered from you. I'm now able to get so much more out of my workouts is much less time. Not bad for a 73 year old.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5ArminDecember 16, 2013New challenges from the ordinary pushups, and the range of exercises that can be done on the pull-up bar. Thanks for a great product!
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 4fiddledeeFebruary 23, 2013Glad I made this purchase. So easy to assemble and quick to attach and un attach to chin up bar. My only complaint is that I am a woman with small hands and I find the diameter of the rings a little too large for comfortably fit the palm of my hand.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5Kirk B.November 30, 2012Great product delivered on time at a fair price. What else could you want?
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5BryonJuly 26, 2012These rings are great not only for home workouts but also for my outdoor training. I could always find a place to do pull ups but was pretty limited on doing dips. Now I just throw these in my bag and can hang them from the same bars I do my pull ups on for dips and push ups. I highly recommend these rings!
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 4MathiasOctober 10, 2012Perform pushups, rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc. with varied percentages of your body weight. Adjust your posture to engage your core. This product is an great addition to an over the door pullup bar and an excellent value.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5Will B.September 26, 2011Push Up Rings are an awesome companion to the Doorway Pull Up Bar for performing Dips, especially when workouts are limited to Hotel rooms.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5RyanJune 6, 2011I use these hanging from a pullup bar to do all sorts of suspended workouts and really like it. I'm still using 2 chairs for dips so maybe it's time to buy the dip station too.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5Mike FlinchbaughMarch 20, 2011Great product. Wish I had known about and purchased this product a long time ago. Pushups and dips are much more challenging with the rings. Thank you.
Push-up Rings Accessorystar rating 5VanessaMarch 2, 2011I get a great workout incorporating these push up rings!
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