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Dip Bar Fitness Station

Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5Tony M.November 9, 2015Very good system. I have told my friends and family about it.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5CaseyAugust 11, 2015Very stable and can be disassembled in seconds to stow away. Happy with the purchase and would recommend to others. Casey
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5Tony S.March 30, 2015I'm very happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar. What I'm most happy about is that it is a quality piece of equipment- very well made. The leveling shims at the bottom are a nice extra touch and definitely make for a more stable device. For anyone who wants to be able to do dips, body rows and leg lifts, this is a no brainer.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5dubbsMarch 14, 2015i haven't done dips in a long time and this equipment allows me to hit my tris and chest, definitely worth the money.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5Mark SestakMarch 7, 2015Purchased 3/15 and was so surprised how easy it was to put together. Not only are there absolutely NO TOOLS REQUIRED but all of the ends are color coded with dots that make putting the press together a snap. The directions for assembly are sparse but that is because once you see the colored dots you instantly know what to do. I gave it a try last night after assembly and it felt solid with my weight on it but I realized I have a lot of working out to do in this particular area. Well, that's why I bought it. I am very happy and look forward to the pain/gain that it will provide.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5WaltFebruary 3, 2015It's a great product. I like the width adjustability. Most of the other dip units do not offer this feature and as result they are spaced much to far apart and can result in injuries. I do not find the unit to be unstable as some of the reviews would suggest. Once you are situated on the unit it becomes very stable. I couldn't be happier.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5paul_paradisAugust 22, 2014Very, very satisfied with this piece of equipment. It is the perfect complement to my pursuit of physical excellence through progressive calisthenics. The ability to do various static holds while also enabling hanging exercises as part of my grip training routine has me looking at my Body Press fondly.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5Linda JJune 12, 2014I love, love,. love this product! I have Lebert Bars and although I like them, the Body Press is at a much more comfortable level to do knee raises, pull ups, etc. It's especially great for my clients that are taller as they don't have to bend down/hunch over. Not to mention as well that it's easy to assemble. Awesome product! I highly recommend it!
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5LarryMarch 23, 2014I had been searching for dip bars for some time. I wanted something that had a small foot print and was versatile. This product exceeded all expectations. Great product and at a fair price.
Dip Bar Fitness Stationstar rating 5Michael CicconeMarch 7, 2014I love the compactness and stability of this piece of equipment. It has "slid right in" to become part of my home gym. It has enabled me to add weighed dips to my exercise regimen. If I didn't have a TRX attached to my pull up bar, I would also by the attachment straps for free flow pushups (I use TRX instead). Further, I am 63 years old and have completed many Beachbody programs including, P90X, P90X2, P90X3 and RevAbs. Believe it or not, none of those programs included dips except for those improvised with a chair thereby not enabling full body weight or added weight dips. This machine gets it done. I weigh 165 with 10% body fat. I can do over 220 push ups and 120 pull ups in 30 minutes. All of you youngsters out there---get going!
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